Vaccine Free is a charitable non-profit organization dedicated to educating parents and others about the serious health risks of vaccines.

   Charitable contributions to Vaccine Free are welcome.  Support our valuable work. Contributions are currently non tax-deductible.



1. to create a vaccine-free world where infants and children are nurtured by breast-milk, clean water, plentiful nutritious food, and lots of love.

2. to dispel the myth that vaccines are safe and effective.  They are neither.

3. to educate policymakers, health-care professionals, the legal profession, governors, Massachusetts legislators, the United Nations leadership, the US Congress, the President, and parents the world over, that all vaccines are highly toxic drugs and that they have never been safe or effective in preventing childhood diseases. 

 4. to help enact radically different health statutes in Massachusetts (and in all states) that immediately establishes and honors the absolute right of any individual to object to any or all vaccines without further consequence.

 5. to be part of an open dialogue with global relief agency leaders concerning vaccine injuries and deaths suffered in infants and children served by those agencies, whose primary mission is to save children's lives.